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An athlete's secret for setting record times

If this summer’s Olympic Games have taught us anything, it’s that the smallest of changes can bring about all important improvements. But this doesn’t have to apply to just top-level athletes and sportsmen and women. It can work for your personal fitness and sporting goals too.

Take, for example, the incredible Michael Phelps. As he walks out for every race he has ginormous headphones over his ears. That’s not for style, and it’s not just to block out the crowd. Now think about yourself, when you go for your run. Many runners nowadays listen to music while running. Phelps takes it a step further, and you can too.

Music warm-up

The fact that music helps you achieve faster times on your runs is almost common knowledge among people nowadays. However, there’s more to it than simply plugging in your device and running your heart out. Similarly to exercise itself, there are things you can do before your exercise, with music, that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

According to studies, music is just as beneficial to a runner before exercise as it is during. Listening to music pre-run better prepares athletes for the exercise ahead, and is a really simple way to improve your time! It’s these small gains that can propel you to the next level.

As you would expect, listening to music as you begin your run can also seriously improve your performance. Sometimes taking your fitness to the next level can be challenging, and it is small things like this that can really make a difference.

Some people consider taking their devices with them while running to be awkward and cumbersome, which is why getting the right gear can be so beneficial. A jogging armband (or sports armband) is a simple, cost-effective way of keeping that device safe and secure, and will allow you to focus on setting that record time.

So next time you look to beat your PB, take a leaf out of Phelps’ book and make sure you strap on that sports armband early, listen to some tracks as you warm up then go out there and smash it!
August 25, 2016 by Rob McCartney