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Finding the time to run in the school holidays

The summer holidays are a chance for kids to relax and regroup with the family after months of hard work, but it's also important that they get plenty of exercise during the school break.

Having your kids around during the day will inevitably shake up your own exercise routine too, but this is something to be embraced! Your extra responsibilities needn't kill your passion for running this summer. You can make the effort to keep yourself (and your kids) fit by engaging in running activities as a family. Read on to find out some fun ways of incorporating running during the school holidays!

Ready, set, go!

Kids love competition, so why not turn running sessions into a race? You could time how long it takes your child to run to the park swings and back or even challenge them to complete laps around the garden.

Encourage them by joining in a race or two and see if they can beat their best time. To keep older kids interested, you could include the promise of a small reward and a forfeit element. You could even incorporate music into your running races too. You've heard of musical chairs - how about musical racing? Play your kids' favourite music while they run and stop the track intermittently. Whoever is still moving when the music stops is out

Take part in Parkrun

Parkrun is an awesome community event for runners of all abilities and is absolutely free to participate in.

Parkrun organise timed 5km events each week, which are held in picturesque park surroundings to offer a safe and fun running experience for both adult runners and young families.

Signing up to free running events such as Parkrun can make for a great family day out and may encourage less sporty kids to have a blast while exercising. Since these running events are timed, this adds an element of competition for your kids and helps improve their fitness levels before returning to school sports.

Go freestyle

Sometimes, the simplest way to clock up some running miles is with a healthy dose of free running. This can be a great way to involve the children too by letting them explore their local park or playground until their hearts (and legs) are content! Just make sure you're in a wide open space to keep an eye on your little Olympians.

Encourage your little ones to get moving in the great outdoors with chasing games or a few rounds of hide and seek. The joyous mix of fresh air and endorphins will do you and your children the world of good, and may even encourage them to make free running a weekly tradition!

Create a running playlist

We all need a bit of motivation to exercise (especially children!), which is why it can be hugely stimulating for your child to have tunes to exercise with. With the aid of jogging armbands to hold a phone in place, your kids can listen to music while running. Running already releases feel-good hormones in the body, so combine this with their favourite tracks and exercise can become a genuinely joyful experience for your kids!

As well as keeping yourself and your kids motivated with music, you can also encourage a love for running with personalised FitBit accessories. Here at Smash Terminator, we house a range of colourful and comfortable FitBit watch straps and accessories to let you and your junior athletes track your performance in style.

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August 17, 2016 by Rob McCartney