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Fitness: it's all in the mind!

Building strength, stamina and technique are all key to enjoying running and hitting your goals. However, many often miss the importance of the mind and its psychology in running. Having the right mindset and attitude when training can pay dividends on race day.

Be kind to yourself

Training requires pushing your body closer and closer to its limits. Perhaps you focus on keeping below a certain pace as you run or cover a certain distance, but sometimes you're not going to achieve the goals you set yourself during training. When this happens, you need to remember to be kind to yourself, to acknowledge what you have achieved and compliment yourself.

Visualise how you will feel at the end of your training

Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on the positive feelings you'll have at the end of your run or training session. Feeling the pride, happiness and sense of achievement will motivate you to get out there.

Listen to your mind and body

Some days your mind and body will tell you that it's just 'not happening'! Tune into this and listen to it; there is no harm in being flexible within your training routine.

Talk to yourself!

As you're running, tell yourself what you're aiming to do, what comes next, praise yourself. You can even invent a mantra that helps you to keep your stride and pace – ‘slow and steady’ ‘push, push push’ – it doesn’t have to be complicated, just a few words that keep your mind focused will do the trick.

Can do attitude

You know that you're going to ‘feel the burn’ as you run and that your legs are going to want to stop, but if you go out there with a ‘can do’ attitude that prepares your mind for what your body is about to encounter, you're more likely to be able to push through the pain and perform at your best. Believe that you'll run faster and further and you will. Positivity leads to success, which in turn leads to greater positivity.

Throughout your training, whatever your goals, engage your mind as well as your body.

Thanks for reading and hope this has been helpful. We have listed below some essential items for running this winter.

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September 05, 2016 by Rob McCartney