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How to channel your inner Olympian and smash your PB!

If you’re anything like us, you may be awed by the pure athleticism of the Olympic teams, as they compete for what many consider to be among the most prized medals in world sport. This year, athletes from across the globe will fight for that all important podium finish in over 306 events, spanning 16 action packed days.

It’s all about pushing yourself to the limits – as Weightlifting medallist Oscar Figueroa has commented – “you need to have guts when you’re up against it. You need a dream, a goal…”

The Summer Olympics always provides the spark we need to kick start our own fitness goals, and while the gruelling regimes and strict lifestyles of the Olympians may not be for all of us, we can certainly channel our inner Olympian with the level of focus we apply to our training and achieving our personal best.

Whatever the motivations you have to transform your health and fitness, here are some expert tips on making sure you hit your targets and reach your PB.


When first setting goals many people either set too drastic goals and give up trying, or set too easy goals through fear of failure and never realise their potential. Instead of aiming to fit into a smaller pair of jeans in 2 weeks or being demotivated by staying at the same pace, set realistic and quantifiable goals.

Gradually build up to hitting your targets and PB by setting a series of smaller goals. Doing so will help you to build confidence and increase your motivation and ambition to aim higher. Something as small as working for an extra 5 minutes in your next session or making sure you form a habit of going for a run before work; if you can stick to it, you’ll see progress.


Getting your family or friends involved with your fitness journey is a great way to boost motivation and channel your inner Olympian. Raise the competition by creating your own challenges and set a reward for the winner. Doing exercise with others can also give you accountability to make sure you turn up to your sessions and give you the focus you need to try your best every time.


Wearable devices or apps on our phones have given us the opportunity to track and monitor information about our workouts, bodies and habits – perfect to drive our personal progress as we’re working out. And, taking all this knowledge with you on the go, wherever you are, has never been easier! A simple, quality sports armband or waistpack will ensure that you can bring your mobile with you whilst you’re completing your workout, so you can track your progress instantly and strive just that little harder to beat your best time or your last distance.

We’d also recommend getting a motivating music playlist on your phone to keep you upbeat and focused throughout.


It’s not just about how you perform whilst you’re exercising; a healthy diet can play an important role in keeping you fit and well enough to achieve your best. Again, most of us won’t be able to transform our diets and habits overnight and taking little steps at a time is a much healthier and realistic way of accomplishing what we want.


As well as using an app to record your PBs and the changes you’ve made, if not too daunting why not take before and after photos at intervals to keep you focused? It takes patience and consistency to see the changes you’re looking for, with a lot of commitment and hard work, however this visual aid is, for many, one of the best ways to drive ambition to hit our fitness goals.


If you don’t hit your PB, don’t run away. Use this as the solid inspiration you need to be successful. Check that you’re using the proper technique throughout your workout. If you’re working as hard as you can and to your best ability, but still not getting the right results, it may be time to take a different approach and look at the focus and goals you’ve set for yourself.

Remember that your goals need to be realistic in the time frame you’ve set, and that you’re focusing on the right outcomes. Your goals will also change as you come closer to hitting them and progress. Reflect on your goals throughout your journey and acknowledge the progress that has been made, even if you see failure. Changing your perspective of success and adjusting your goals as you progress will only help you strive for more and get better.

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August 05, 2016 by Rob McCartney