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Quality, Comfort and Durability: Your Ideal Sports Armband Solution

Our smartphones have revolutionised the way we exercise, as helpful apps and a simple way to play music gives us so much more insight into our performance and the motivation we need to push it to the max!

However, the big problem is deciding where to put your phone so it’s accessible but not in the way – running with your phone in your hand isn’t the best idea in the rain and even the most careful of us are at risk of it flying out to the ground. Equally having your phone bouncing up and down in your pocket can be frustrating and uncomfortable; it could even slow you down if you need to keep taking it out to have a look at the screen.

Enter the sports armband…

Sports armbands are the ideal way to prevent these problems and let you get on with your exercise. There are a wide range of armbands available designed to keep your phone and valuables safe, dry and accessible, whilst being hardwearing and comfortable to wear. But finding the right one for you and your device can be a bit tricky – is it compatible with your exact phone? Does it have the right strap size? Is it durable? Is it stylish enough?

Smash Terminator’s Clip, Classic, Pro and Elite armbands are suitable for various mobile models and makes, for all your sporting activities. Whether you’re a gym bunny, a laid-back jogger or an avid adventurer, our practical armbands won’t weigh you down and will allow you to store and use your phone effortlessly.

If you’re ready to choose the best suited sports armband, we’ve listed the key things to look out for:


It’s worth getting a higher quality armband using lightweight, durable and breathable materials – our armbands use a blend of flexible Neoprene with soft, premium quality Lycra.

A great sports armband will also feature a transparent screen covering to protect your device from scuffs, scratches and dirt while still allowing you to access all the apps you need via your touch sensitive screen.

Look out for special features such as sweat-proofing to keep your device dry and functioning perfectly, reflective strips for low light conditions, and additional room and holders for keys and credit cards.


How your armband feels whilst you’re working out with it is so important; it needs to snugly fit around your arm and be lightweight enough not to be cumbersome. Everyone is different, so our armbands come with adjustable, soft elastic straps that fit a wide range of arm circumferences.

As well as finding a sports armband that minimises bounce, look out for earbud strips that will prevent the cords from twisting and getting in your way as you listen to your favourite tunes.

Having the highest level of comfort with your armband doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style - our ultra-lightweight Elite range is definite proof. It’s our sleekest and most form-fitting armband to date, giving wearers an ultimately comfortable way to style up their workout look.


Though light, armbands using hard-wearing Neoprene will give you a more durable device for all your sporting and outdoor activities.

Again, scratch and wear resistant screen covering panels will ensure that your phone is secure and free from damage wherever you are. Check for the quality of the sports armband, as this will give you an indication of how reliable and long-lasting it will be.

An affordable armband solution

The Smash Terminator range of quality, comfortable and durable sports armbands and waistpacks are great value for money, for use with all the latest smartphone brands. Shop our practical collections with eye-catching colour choices and styles and choose the best sports armband to enjoy your workouts!

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August 25, 2016 by Rob McCartney