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Waist pack or armband: what's best for your run?
Thankfully the days have gone when setting out for a run entailed cramming pockets with keys and wallets and the only place for a water bottle was in your hand. Apart from the danger of losing essential items, and the feeling of being off-balance, the weight on your legs could rub and chafe. Now we are almost certain to want to carry our phone with us as well, and luckily we are spoilt for choice with the accessories to do so.

The two top alternatives for runners to transport their valuables are jogging armbands and waistpacks. Either of these options are brilliant for keeping your phone close, as well as safe and dry, so that you can check on those running apps, map your route, change the songs on your playlist, or answer any incoming calls.

The armband, as the name implies, fits snugly around the upper arm and many joggers say they fail to notice it once it is securely fastened and they have hit their stride. There is an armband to fit every make and model of phone, and most of them have space for keys and credit cards as well. One thing you cannot fit into an armband though is a water bottle. Another consideration, which some daily joggers have pointed out, is that you might end up with a white stripe if it's a sunny day, while the rest of you gets tanned!

A waistpack tends to be more capacious and is fastened above the hips. It's down to personal preference whether to run with the contents of the pack to the front or to the rear of the body. A waistpack tends to be utilised for those training for marathons or longer runs, due to the necessity to carry more water. The waistpack belt also offers the opportunity to tuck a small towel into it.

Some runners like to use both, keeping their phone in the armband, and citing the reason that the headphone cords don't get so tangled. A trick a lot of people use is to run the cords under their shirt, but not everybody is comfortable with this technique.

Ultimately, every runner will make their own decision whether they prefer an armband or a belt. The belt is the better choice for long distance runners, but the jogging armband is ideal for daily use regardless of your experience level. Have a browse through our products to see which Smash Terminator waistpack or jogging armband will be the best choice for you - and with a 30 day return policy, you have the flexibility to try out each.
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October 06, 2016 by Rob McCartney