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Why you should start EVERY day by jogging

Regular exercise is proven to boost health and general wellbeing. Whether it is stretching yourself with a multi-mile run or simply doing some sit-ups, there are countless benefits to engaging in frequent physical activity. One of the best options for exercise is jogging. Jogging can help you lose weight, become fit and get healthy, but there are other additional benefits to jogging in the morning. Here are four that you should know about:

1. Energy

You will find that your energy levels increase throughout the day by jogging in the morning. This is because your body releases endorphins and other hormones through physical exercise. Basically, it’s time to put down the coffee and get moving instead.

2. Sleep

Jogging in the morning can help aid sleep. Because of the energy boost you receive, you may very well find that jogging in the evening leaves you struggling to nod off at night. Remember, getting at least seven hours' sleep each night is vital to our health and overall wellbeing.

3. Routine

If you stick to your fitness regime at the same time every day, you will soon find yourself in a firm routine. This will eventually mean that it is easier to wake up and that your body will expect exercise from the time it hears your alarm. Rest assured, your body clock will appreciate this.

4. No excuses

It is not uncommon for factors beyond our control to get in the way of exercise. Reasons such as ‘something came up’ or ‘someone popped in’ are regular ones. These are less likely to play a factor in your exercise routine if you go out jogging at the same time every morning. Make the most out of the freedom you have in the morning before work and other commitments get in the way.

Go get fit!

Everyone’s aim should be to get fit and stay fit. Jogging is an amazing way to do so as it is a form of cardio and isn’t too taxing on our bodies. You should think about investing in a jogging armband, which can be used to store your phone when you're out and about.

November 03, 2016 by Rob McCartney